Plot Summary

Hector Vargas, a rising Guatemalan politician who's 12-year old daughter Adriana, has been abducted by traffickers. Unbeknown to him, government corruption and manipulation by these ruthless cartels are proof they will stop at nothing to control their territorial networks. 


Trying to keep this crises away from the public eye, Vargas, along with his wife and political aid think outside the box and secretly hire a covert team of mercenaries.  All ex-Navy SEALs and highly trained. These former black Ops members, each with an interesting past, have their own reasons for putting their lives on the line for endangered children.
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Slaves, The Movie – Synergy FilmWork’s Proof of Concept

Synergy FilmWorks LLC is a film production company seeking co-venture production, and/or venture capital in order to develop, produce, and commercially exploit an independent motion picture for theatrical release. The goal is to make the proposed film titled “SLAVES”, with a flexible minimum total preliminary capital requirement and funding schedule for production under the SAG low budget contract.

Synergy FilmWorks LLC will seek distribution for the proposed film “SLAVES” by working with foreign film sale teams, international and domestic theater chains, and media streaming companies such as Netflex and Amazon Prime. Two distribution agencies have expressed interest once the film is completed. These media avenues will give Synergy FilmWorks LLC and it’s investors the best opportunity to recoup it’s initial capital and obtain profitability in the shortest amount of time possible. We plan to target known markets and audiences for small budget SAG films. Synergy FilmWorks LLC welcomes studios, production companies, and financing/development entities as well as private investors.




Watch “Slaves” Proof of Concept/Short Film. (Run Time – 11:28)


About The Film

SLAVES is an action/drama thriller about child trafficking, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the extent people both military and non suffer as a result from both. This film has two major themes:

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the fastest growing form of organized crime in the world today. This film will not only entertain, but will also help promote awareness of human trafficking and slavery. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), does not only happen to soldiers coming home from combat.  It can also occur from personal tragedies in someone’s everyday life.

Cast and Crew

Tim Kennedy
Shane Dean
Franco Zavala
Sylvia Romero
Antonio Elzy
Allie Carloni
and Larry Coulter


Joel Juarez Sanchez


Larry Coulter


Larry Coulter
Janell Smith
Tim Kennedy



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